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Comforting Quilts

Comforting Quilts, Northwest Quilter's community service project, was started in 1985, when member Jim Niles brought a twin size quilt to a meeting and suggested that quilts be made for the Waverly Home for Children. The suggestion was approved and because the quilt Jim brought had a red lion motif, it was decided that the program be called Red Lion. Jim made the first 27 quilts for Waverly. Other members helped make additional quilts as agencies were added to the recipient list. Bonnie Gold started making lap robes for retirement homes. In 1991, quilts were given to patients who were being released from Fairview Hospital to live independently. At this time we began making doll quilts for the Firemen's Toy & Joy Christmas project.

Jim served as chairman of Red Lion until 1992. Betty Pribil led the program through May 1995 and the Toy & Joy project was taken over by Evelyn Cotton but still operated under Red Lion's umbrella. Sharon Skates, Susan Haile and Charel Ann Walker co-chaired the program through May 1996. In 1996, we started making bunk sized quilts for the AIDS Camp held every August at Suttle Lake near Sisters, Oregon. The number attending the camp depends on how many quilts are donated. Joy Nichols is the coordinator for this project. Joy also coordinates our Lap Robe Project, which provides lap robes for Nursing Home Ministries and Marysville Nursing Homes.

Betty Blais was chairperson through May 1998 after which Betty Pribil became chairperson again and will continue to oversee the project through May 2000. This year we added Parry Care Center for Children and Project Linus which is an international organization providing mostly small quilts for terminally ill children to our list. Theresa Eggleston is now Toy & Joy chairman and Marje Rhine makes baby quilt kits.

After being layered, most of our twin quilts are tied by residents of Courtyard Plaza Center and non-member Flora Giaccia. Members of the Blind Association tie the doll quilts. Charel Ann Walker has started hosting a group at her home each week tying quilts in preparation for this show.

In 1999, the name of our project was changed from Red Lion to Comforting Quilts, which we feel is more descriptive of the work we are doing. People found the name Red Lion confusing and thought it had something to do with the chain of hotels by the same name. It is our philosophy that we should give something back to the community. This year the membership was challenged to make a total of 2000 quilts. So far we have completed 1000 and are well on our way to meeting the goal. Some of these quilts are featured on our stage this year.

We estimate that during this 14-year period we have donated approximately 4000 quilts to various organizations adding or dropping recipients as the need requires. A number of quilt shops and individuals in the area donate material to us. For this we are most thankful. Over the years the following agencies have received quilts from Northwest Quilters: Waverly Home for Children, Shriner's Hospital, Raphael House for Battered Women, Clackamas County Sheriff Department, Fairview Hospital, Toy & Joy, Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital, Salvation Army Greenhouse, CODA, The Suttle Lake AIDS Camp, Nursing Home Ministries, Marysville Nursing Homes, Rosemont School for Girls, Opening Doors, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, Parry Care Center for Children and Project Linus.

At this time, twin quilts are made for Waverly Home for Children, Parry Care Center for Children and Rosemont School for Girls. Baby quilts go to OHSU, Opening Doors and Project Linus. Lap robes are given to Nursing Home Ministries and Marysville Nursing Home. Bunk sized quilts are made for the AIDS Camp and doll quilts for the Toy & Joy Project.
...From the NWQ 26th Annual Quilt Show Brochure

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Suzi Hokonson -- Life is a Quilt

Suzi is an entertaining motivational speaker, an established textile artist, quilt historian and author. Suzi uses her passion for quilts and textiles to weave together her life experiences. She speaks for the heart, conveying the beauty and complexity of life.

Helene Knott -- Transcending the Vision: The Process of Design

Helene Knott is the current President of the Northwest Quilters. Helene has won many awards: First Place at APNQ, Seattle; Viewers' Choice at AQS, Paducah, Kentucky; and Best of Show at the Oregon State Fair for her beautiful and complex art quilts. Her design of our NWQ 1998 Raffle Quilt made it one considered for the 100 Best American Quilts of the Century at International Quilt Festival, Houston. Helene will discuss her approach to designing one-of-a-kind art quilts.

Sandi Ray -- Peanut Butter Quilts

Sandi is a well-known teacher and lecturer in the Pacific Northwest. We are happy to welcome her back after a short relocation to Arizona. She will have many examples to show you of the well-loved and well-used quilts she calls her "peanut butter" quilts.

...From the NWQ 26th Annual Quilt Show Brochure

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...From the NWQ 26th Annual Quilt Show Brochure

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