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Quilt Show 2008

34th Annual Show
"A Festival of Quilts"

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The 2008 Quilt Show will be held at
University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln Street at 4th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
Parking & Directions
Friday, June 6, 2008
Saturday, June 7, 2008
Sunday, June 8, 2008
10 am -- 7 pm
10 am -- 4 pm
10 am -- 4 pm

General Admission: $6.00
Students 12-18: $5.00
Children under 12: Free

NWQ 2008 Quilt Show Special Event:

Hollis Chatelain
"Influences of Africa"
Lecture, Trunk Show, and Q&A

Saturday, June 7, 7:00 pm, $15.00 per person
St. Mary’s Academy Auditorium
1615 SW 5th Ave at Market

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We are so excited to be able to have Hollis Chatelain give a special presentation as part of our Quilt Show this year! Hollis, who spent a number of years in Switzerland and with the Peace Corps in West Africa, lives in Hillsborough NC, where she creates amazing quilts that have been shown and honored nationally and internationally. She won 'Best of Show' at Houston most recently in November 2007 and has consistently won top awards at major shows since her return to the United States in 1996.

Her work, painted and then quilted, is known for its emotion and social statement and her African imagery in particular shares the love and joy she found in her years on that continent. On the Saturday evening of our Quilt Show, Hollis Chatelain will be focusing on "Influences of Africa" with a lecture and trunk show followed by a question and answer forum. This is a wonderful opportunity and we hope to see you there!

Visit Hollis Chatelain's website.

Wearable Arts Fashion Show
Saturday, June 7th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm

Calling all Wearable Arts members! Again this year we are planning to have an entertaining and informative Fashion Show at our Quilt Show. We would like to have any of you who have created garments or ensembles for either yourself or someone else, submit them to be modeled in our show.

The garments that you enter may be modeled by yourself or one of our volunteer models. We will be circulating among the quilt show rows so those who are visiting the show will be able to enjoy the garments from all sides and up close.

The garments submitted need not be brand-new, but should be in good condition to show well. Please gather your creations and submit the form below for each one. Thanks so much!

Raffle Quilt 2008

Kathy White and the "Bias Strippers" small quilt group are designing the NWQ 2008 Raffle Quilt. It is named "Starlit Roses" and is made from 1930's reproduction fabrics. The quilt consists of hand-appliquéd rose blocks and foundation-pieced square-in-a-square blocks. Kits were distributed at the May, June and August, 2006 general meetings. The quilt measures approximately 92" x 104".

"Starlit Roses"

Raffle Quilt 2008
Background Photo: JL Photography
Foreground Photo: Jan Heiling

Click to see larger quilt photo


A Close-up View

Raffle Quilt 2008
--Photo by JL Photography

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Raffle Quilt 2008 Under Construction

Raffle Quilt 2008
Kathy White(left) prepares to hand quilt
while Helene Knott(right) holds up the quilt
Raffle Quilt 2008
A closer look

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