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Comforting Quilts Workdays and Curbside Service
Drop offs and pick ups are held at
The Mill End Store,
9701 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd.
Milwaukie, Oregon



Scheduling Information

The mask mandate has been lifted in Oregon and the guild will be resuming in-person meetings at the church hall. Consequently, Comforting Quilts will hold a workday at which all guild members who have been fully vaccinated will be welcome, but please be prepared to wear a mask. Our workdays are always held on the Wednesday preceding the monthly general meetings, so mark your calendar with these dates: May 4th, June 8th, and July 6th. We meet at 9:30 and work until 2:00 with a break for lunch.

In the past, the Comforting Quilts tables at the general meetings have been the place at which our members have handed in their pieced tops and finished quilts. It was also the opportunity for selecting kits to take home, and for browsing through the boxes of inspiring packs of fabric to turn into doll and infant quilts. This will all be possible at the April general meeting but not everyone will be ready to resume in-person attendance. Therefore we will continue to offer a curbside service at the Mill End Store in April, May and June.

Please continue to support Comforting Quilts by making quilts, especially twin and throw quilts for children, lap quilts (always for adults), infant and doll quilts. Remember that you can request kits in various sizes: twin, throw, and lap. The latter will include a back and batting because we ask that we receive a completed quilt rather than a pieced top. We do not offer kits for infant or doll quilts but you can ask for some inspiration packs to spark design ideas. We also ask that you only hand in completed infant and doll quilts rather than pieced tops.

This is the schedule for our curbside service that happens at the loading dock of the Mill End Store in Milwaukie: 

Requests must be received BEFORE Tuesday 5th April for pick up on Tuesday 12th April.

Curbside service will also be available on May 10th and June14th.

Send your requests via email to Sue Hatt ( or phone me on 503-929-8686.

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