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To make a Quilt of Valor:

•We cannot emphasize enough the use of excellent materials and your best workmanship in making Quilts of Valor for our service members and veterans who gave their very best in dedication to our country.

• We will accept completely finished quilts of any pattern (but not rag quilts) made of quality cotton fabric appropriate for an adult, with low-loft quality batting.  Red/White/Blue is definitely the preferred color scheme.  This has been emphasized recently and repeatedly from those who are in direct contact with injured military and other veteran recipients.  There is very little need for feminine quilts or those that are not in RWB or military colors.

• QOVs must be quilted and bound (double-fold binding).

• Please do NOT send any quilts that look like flags, because flags are used to cover military coffins.  QOVs can certainly have flags on them, in the fabric or in applique, for instance.

• The preferred finished size is definitely 60” x 80” (so plan for the top to be a little bigger than that -- 64" x 84" or so is ideal).   Minimum finished size is 55 x 65 inches; finished maximum is 72 x 90 inches.   

• Do not use sheets or muslin for backing.

• Please DO add a label (or give us information and we will add the label), identifying the maker(s) of the quilt (full name or just first name) and where you live; feel free to add a “thank you” to the person who will receive it.  This label must say “Quilt of Valor” and leave room to add the name of the person who will receive it (it will be added at the time of awarding).

• The QOV Foundation requires that these quilts be washed and dried, even if the fabrics were washed before construction (no scented laundry products).  It requests a presentation case, which could be a pillowcase or a tote-style bag, for every quilt.  If you need instruction to make either of these, check the QOV website or contact Maureen.

• The QOV Foundation encourages us to include a card or note to the recipient, which could be pinned to the quilt or tucked into a pocket-label on the back of the quilt. 

• There are free patterns and other information available on the QOV foundation website.  Go to  Almost any pattern that appeals to you can be adapted to QOV size and colors.

• If you have made an appropriate quilt top+back and are a registered member of the Quilts of Valor Foundation (either individually or through our group, Northwest Quilters QOV Volunteers), you can access a volunteer longarmer through the QOVF website (near the top of the home page, “Take Action”: “Requesting a longarmer”).  This is a benefit of registered QOVF members. 

• If you have completed a top that meets these guidelines and want to donate it to our group for completion and awarding to someone from our list of nominees, we can accept that at any regular meeting or contact the Community Outreach chair for other arrangements.  The quilt will not come back to you personally.

• We accept finished QOVs at every Northwest Quilters meeting ( or contact the Community Outreach chair for other arrangements), and we award them to active military or veterans as quickly as possible; when we have extras, we deliver or ship them to other QOV groups.  If you have a preference about where you'd like your quilt sent, let us know that and we will do the best we can to comply.

• Given sufficient time, we can provide a QOV "kit" for our members to sew together.  It must come back through our group to be awarded to veterans or active service members on our request list.  We will try this to see if we can make it work!

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