2022-2023 Spring Membership Year

(April 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Individual Member Application

As we come to the halfway point in our fiscal year, for new members only we have a half year special membership for both general members and business members.  Mail in forms are downloadable for your use.

ITime to Renew!

We were going to start renewing memberships in NWQ at the April meeting, but now that we are all sewing at home, we can start a renewal campaign by mail and on line. Please find this year's membership form in the newsletter or by clicking here, and please fill it out in full, so we can update the volunteer lists, as well as the Roster with correct information.


Mail the form and a check to the post office box, or to Mary Fitzgibbons. I'm in the Roster!

You can also either renew or join as a new member on line by using the form below.  You can now also check  for volunteer opportunities on line using the following form.  


Remember, a check in a volunteer box indicates interest, not a total commitment of time! But once we are allowed to mingle with fellow quilters again, you may be very happy to hang out, say, at the membership table, with Comforting Quilts, or at a New Members luncheon. We will be seeing each other again, very soon, I hope!


Mary Fitzgibbons

Membership Chair