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Helping Others

The Comforting Quilts Committee coordinates the efforts of members of Northwest Quilters to supply hundreds of quilts to those in need in the local tri-county area.    Twin quilts benefit children moving into new homes through Habitat for Humanity, children in residential psychiatric care, abused and homeless women, children, families in shelters.  Lap to throw size quilts are given to children placed in foster homes under urgent circumstances and a hospice agency.  Lap quilts go to a palliative care unit, an organ transplant bank, and to keep elderly in nursing homes warm.  Bunk quilts provide comfort to those attending an HIV summer camp. Doll quilts go to the Portland Fire Fighters Toy & Joy program to brighten the lives of thousands of children. Infant/crib quilts are donated to fire stations and organizations servicing at risk/low-income babies.  We also donate a limited number of quilts for auction or raffle to other non-profits or charities. In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, Comforting Quilts donated 2,959 quilts.

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Men, women, and children design blocks at NWQ’s annual quilt show.  Guild members sew the blocks, which are then used in twin quilts for children and lap quilts for the elderly in care facilities.  Since 2000, hundreds of these Build-A-Block quilts have been made and donated.  These are truly a community effort as so many people have a hand in making each of these unique quilts.

Toy & Joy

NWQ donated 1,759